I am Thorey Sigthorsdottir (yes from Iceland daughter of Sigthor) Many of you here that have worked with me before know who I am and what I do but for you that have just dropped in I want to give you a brief introduction. I am blogging from the camping site Kjarnaskógur, Akureyri in the north (see photo). 

I have inspired creative introverts to present their projects, I have guided business owners to master their skills in online speaking and I have supported academics to find their authentic voice to stand out from the crowd. Me? You could say I am an introverted extrovert that used to get the behavior grades in school as a kid “Excellent – but talks too much”.  Becoming a teenager I became really shy since I used to blush all the time! So I took all the courses I could to improve my skills in communication.

All my life I loved role playing and theatre so I became an actress, graduated from the Icelandic Drama School after four years of studying, in 1991. I wouldn’t have dreamed of that as a kid growing up in a little village in the west-fjords of Iceland but today I make my living from speaking and acting and helping others to practice doing the same! 

I love my job. I also love traveling so every now and then I jump on a tour with people visiting Iceland. I became a professional tour-guide in 2000 and I am always inspired by nature and  by the many interesting people I meet and for the actor in me, a part of my work is to study human behaviour and stories of people.  We all have many stories to share and it is important that people listen. One of the best presents you can give to people is actually really listening. The other side of that coin is to have a voice. To have a voice in your life and have the courage to use it. That is why I find my job supporting people, especially women, to find their voice and empower themself in life, so rewarding. 

I have just written a part of my story in a book 

Women Like Me: A Tribute to the Brave and Wise

How does that link to what I do? Well everything we go through reflects in  our voice or somehow is mirrored in it. I wrote it to inspire people to realise what healing tool they can find in their voice. The voice is with you all the time. It reflects your soul and presence.  The voice can surely be a magical tool for you both professionally in public speaking but also as a great tool for successful communication in all parts of your life. I encourage you to have a look, I would be interested to hear your feedback. 

This is all from me for now…

Have a wonderful day!



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